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Stage 6 Industrial Technology

Year 11 provides students with a solid foundation in advanced cabinetmaking and woodmachining techniques and processes, experience with a range of timbers and timber products. Practical skills are advanced through the construction of selected projects while theoretical content develops skills in project management and knowledge of wood technology.

Students are encouraged to develop their skills in a range of computer software for designing and drawing projects and to link to the use of the computerised milling machine and laser cutter.

Year 12 is spent constructing a carefully designed and planned Major Project selected by the student. A detailed Design Folio records the design development and construction of the project and is submitted with the project for marking by a visiting team of examiners.

The Practical Project together with the Design Folio contribute 60% of the Higher School Certificate Marks.

The final examination on wood technology and related industries contributes the remaining 40% results.                           

Results in this course at Pennant Hills are consistently well above the state average and over recent years our students have been placed 1st in the state, 2nd in the state (twice) and also 8th and 9th in the state.