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Microsoft One Note

All your notes—in one place and with you, anywhere.  OneNote is your digital binder for to-dos, lecture and meeting notes, group projects, and anything else you need to capture and collaborate on, physical or digital. Write by hand, type, record, snap a picture, or clip from the web and OneNote saves it.           

Organized or not, you can easily find your notes in any form (text, writing, picture, or audio) with OneNote search. OneNote is integrated with the Office applications you already use (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) so you can annotate and organize them within your other notes. 

If you're working with others, or just working on the go, OneNote has free apps for all your devices: PCs (desktop and Windows Store), Windows Phone, Mac OS, iOS, and Android phones. Have a browser but no OneNote?  You've got the OneNote Online to get things done. For group projects you can share a single notebook with a link and see what other team members are contributing on virtually anytime, anywhere.