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Stage 5 Textiles Technology

Stage 5 Textiles Technology

The study of Textiles Technology provides students with knowledge of the properties, performance and uses of textiles. They explore fabrics, yarns, fibres and colouration. Students examine the historical, cultural and contemporary perspectives on textile design and develop an appreciation of the factors affecting them as textile consumers. Students investigate the work of textile designers and make judgements about the appropriateness of design ideas, the selection of materials and tools, and the quality of textile items. Textile projects give students the opportunity to be creative, independent learners and to explore functional and aesthetic aspects of textiles.

At Pennant Hills High School the Stage 5 project work includes;

-          Creative cushion

-          Haute couture hoodie

-          Textile art linen embrodery

-          Lounge pants

-          Shirts or shorts

-          Shibori dyed non-apparel item

-          Deconstruct a second-hand pair of denim jeans