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Google Apps

Google Apps for Education is a rich set of web applications that at its core includes website creation, collaboration, document editing and shared calendars. Google Apps for Education provides an environment for students and staff to work with a set of customizable services. Best of all, these tools are available anytime, anywhere there is Internet Access.

Google Apps for Education can help students and teachers to:

  • Create simple class, group or student websites (Sites)
  • Complete, store and share school work on any device with an Internet connection, no special or costly software required (Drive/Docs)
  • Work collaboratively on documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more. Anytime, anywhere even at the same time (Drive/Docs)
  • Create, deliver and collate surveys and tests (Forms)
  • Launch a digital classroom and manage class content electronically (Classroom)

What are some of the Apps and how can I use them?


With Google Docs/Drive, you and your students can easily collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and slide-show presentations. Your docs are stored securely in the cloud where anyone you share them with (but only those people) can work on them—either individually or all at the same time. Great for:

  • Group-work
  • Timely feedback and reflection
  • Formative assessment
  • Collaboration and peer assessment



This tool allows students and teachers to create websites using easy to use templates. Students can create a website as a response to a presentation assignment, or a class can work together to curate resources. Great for:

  • Class websites
  • Student learning journals/portfolios
  • Assignment tool to giving students an opportunity to demonstrate and then share their learning and expertise
  • (NB Students cannot create sites independently, teachers will need to initiate this process) 



Classroom is a simple and easy to use electronic portal for online classroom management.

Great for:

  • Creating and managing online assignments, complete with a turn it in facility
  • Communicating with class members
  • Hosting an online forum
  • Providing meaningful feedback to students

list of google applications

Further information can found at:


Google for Education