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Stage 5 Food Technology

Stage 5 Food Technology

The study of Food Technology provides students with a broad knowledge of food properties, processing, preparation, nutritional considerations and consumption patterns. It addresses the importance of hygiene and safe working practices and legislation in relation to the production of food. Students develop food-specific skills, which can be applied in a range of contexts enabling students to produce quality food products. The course also provides students with contexts through which to explore the richness, pleasure and variety food adds to life and how it contributes to both vocational and general life experiences.

At Pennant Hills High School we study the following focus areas;

Food in Australia

Food Selection and Health

Food for Special Occasions

Food Service and Catering

Food for Specific Needs

Trends in Food

We have a practical food preparation lesson each week.

Some of the Stage 5 practical experiences for Food Technology include;

-          Apple and lemon myrtle muffins

-          Shepherd’s pie and trifle

-          Anzac biscuits

-          Vege burgers

-          Choc pudding in a mug

-          Vietnamese rice paper rolls

-          Chicken mornay

-          Apple and oatmeal cookies

-          Low fat chicken and chips

-          Chicken laksa

-          Zucchini and carrot muffins

-          French toast with apple

-          Tandoori chicken wrap

-          Cupcake decorating

-          Butter chicken vol-au-vonts

-          Chicken and hokkien noodles

-          Mini pavlovas

-          Date chews with hot chocolate

-          Apricot Danish

-          Beef stroganoff

-          Chargrilled beef salad

-          Tuna and feta turnovers

-          Steak sandwich

-          Lentil and vegetable cottage pie

-          Crunchy pasta salad and Asian drumsticks

-          Mini meatloaves and quick fruit crumble

-          Organic pikelets, jam and tea

-          Butter chicken

-          Apple and cinnamon pancake stack with icecream

-          Turkish Gözleme