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Stage 5 Wood Technology

This course in Cabinet making and Wood Machining is designed to teach students the correct use of handtools in the early stages whilst introducing the use of machinery such as the Drill Press, Band Saw, Drum Sander, Thicknesser and Woodturning Lathe and power tools such as the Router, Biscuit Jointer and Domino Cutter to enable more complex projects to be constructed. 

Only sustainable timbers are used in our projects. Our timber from either plantation grown or certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) including Radiata and Hoop Pines, Camphor Laurel, Silky Oak and Jarrah. 

Wood Turning is an integral part of the course giving students the opportunity to produce table legs, goblets, bowls, pencil holders, drawer handles and lidded boxes. 

Design Skills are most important allowing students to modify plans to suit their own needs, select appropriate joints and materials and ultimately design entire projects. 

Year 9 projects produced include a Stationery Organiser, Small Stool, Cutting Board and Mobile Phone Amplifier and Stand alongside other turned projects such as Bowls and Paper Towel Holders. As time permits students can embark on personal interest projects such as laminated skateboards and laser cut images and boxes. 

Year 10 construct more complex projects such as a small Table and a Wall Clock with a pendulum movement. 

This course prepares students for further study of HSC Wood Technology in Years 11 and 12.