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Frequently Asked Questions

What curriculum enrichment programs exist at PHHS?

A wide range of team and individual sports, an extensive band program, drama ensembles, Chess Club, Student Leadership Council (SLC), Environment Group, Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, a student-run cafe, debating and public speaking, academic competitions in Mathematics, Science and Geography, and many more.

Are there spaces available for non-local enrolments?

Sometimes. Students living within our enrolment area have an automatic right to entry. There are generally some limited spaces available for out-of-area enrolments. Call Mrs Claudia Antoon to register your interest, and to learn more about the criteria for non-local placement.

Are classes "streamed" at PHHS?

Yes. In Year 7 and 8, academically selected classes operate. Entrance to this stream is gained through meeting standards in an ACER test, held in March each year for entry into Year 7 the following year.

In Years 9 - 12, core classes (English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History and PDHPE) are streamed.

When do students choose elective subjects?

Years 9 and 10: three elective subjects for 4 periods per fortnightly cycle

What's a "cycle"?

We operate four 80 minute periods a day. In order to accommodate a full curriculum, the timetable runs over a fortnight, with weeks labelled Week A and Week B.

Why does PHHS have a farm?

Agriculture is offered as a 'taster' subject in Year 8 and then as an elective subject from Years 9 - 12. We have a working farm, where students can grow crops and raise livestock.

To whom should I speak if I have questions or concerns?

Curriculum issues (i.e anything to do with the classroom) - the relevant class teacher or Head Teacher.

Welfare issues - your child's Year Adviser, Mrs Amy Austin - Head Teacher Student Wellbeing or the Counsellors - Ms Sarah Pryde, Ms Andrea Smith or Ms Grace Dekel.

Thursday Sport - Mrs Jodie Zavone, Sports Coordinator.

Attendance - managed by Student Reception in the Administration Office.

Voluntary Contributions or Course Fees - can be paid online through the Make a Payment tab on the website or in person at the Cashier's Window located in Student Reception between 8.15am-2.00pm on school days. Students are only permitted to make payments before school, at recess and at lunch.

Can my child bring a mobile phone to school?

Yes. However, they must abide by the rules regarding phones, which are spelled out in the school's Discipline Policy. The key aspects of these rules are that phones and earbuds are off and in bags when they enter our buildings, classrooms, all learning spaces, assemblies and school event locations. Photographs must not be taken of students or staff. 

We regret that we cannot take any responsibility for phones. 

Where can I purchase school uniforms?

New uniforms can be purchased from the Uniform Shop located in the MPC (hall) on Mondays 10:00am - 2:00pm and Fridays 8:00am - 12:00pm during the school term. Pre-loved uniforms can be purchased from the Print Room located at Student Reception during school term by appointment only.

What sort of shoes are allowed?

Only black, leather, lace-up school shoes. Some stores will claim that 'mary jane' style shoes are acceptable school shoes - they are not. Please ensure that you purchase school shoes that meet requirements. The School Uniform Policy has some photographs for reference.

When may students wear sports uniforms?

Students in Years 8, 9 and 10 may wear their sport uniform all day on Thursdays. Year 11 students who elect to participate in Grade Sport can wear sport uniform on Thursdays also. Students in Years 7 play sport in an integrated program, so their sport uniform is to be brought to school and changed into for that lesson only.

When are summer / winter uniforms worn?

Summer uniform: Terms 1 and 4

Winter uniform: Terms 2 and 3