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Pennant Hills High School has a long tradition of success in sport. The school is committed to offering an extensive range of sport for all students across the whole school 

All students can demonstrate their sporting flair in the 3 school carnivals, Swimming (start of term 1), Cross country (end of term 1), and athletics (term 2).  From these events the zone team is formed. Year 7 and 8 students are included in this squad. 

Focusing on Year  7 

Year 7 students do not participate in weekly school sport on Thursday. They have additional PDHPE lessons in their normal timetable. This allows them time to settle into the high school routine. However, they do have 2 dedicated Year 7  events;  

Gala day - In term 3 all year 7 students participate in a Gala day against the other schools in the Ku-ring-gai zone. There are a range of sports including speed-a-way , Soccer, Netball . 

Swim school - At the end of term 4 they participate in a swim school where the students practice their swimming and learn general life-saving skills 

Focusing on Year 8  students

The year 8 students are involved in school sport on Thursday afternoon. This runs from the end of period 3A (12.32 pm) until 2.30pm.

Sport is categorised as Grade (playing other schools within the Ku-ring-gai Zone) or Social (non-competitive). Costs are associated with most sports and are charged on a seasonal basis. 

Representative  sports for students who are 15 and under - Exceptionally talented year 8 students can try out for school-based 15 and under knockout teams. The Boys Basketball and Girls Volleyball knockout teams reached the Sydney north semi-final in 2021. Likewise, they can also attend the tryouts for Sydney north teams. 

Through sport pennant hills high school; 

  • encourage all students to actively strive towards excellence in all sporting activities, 
  • to work as a team, 
  • to show good sportsmanship   
  • to enjoy the camaraderie with other students both internal and external to the school.