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Welcome to Pennant Hills High School, fondly referred to as Penno, where our school motto Nil Nisi Bonum meaning Nothing but the best - reflects what we aim to deliver to our school community. 

We are a large coeducational, comprehensive high school serving the community of Pennant Hills and surrounding areas. There are approximately 1100 students and 110 staff.

Pennant Hills High School is steeped in tradition and since it's establishment in 1966, has built a fine reputation as one of the best comprehensive government schools in New South Wales. Our students work hard to excel academically, they achieve outstanding results in the creative and performing arts, sport and in the areas of citizenship and leadership.

Our school has a strong tradition of emphasis on academic excellence. We are committed to the development of future-focused, lifelong learners. Teaching and learning at Pennant Hills is personalised and relevant, connecting with students’ experience and learning styles.

Three of our core values at Pennant Hills High School are responsibility, integrity and achievement. So as a student, the question is - how do you contribute to the development of these 3 core values?

Achievement is about you working to attain your personal best. First and foremost that means working to reach your personal best in the academic sphere. You should be working hard in your lessons and completing your homework so that you are able to aim for the highest academic level possible. Our teachers are committed to assisting you in achieving this. If you should experience difficulties, they are happy to provide the support needed to enable goals to be met.

Responsibility is about how you want to be perceived as a member of our school community. To contribute effectively in our school relies on mutual respect. That is, you need to work positively with all of the people in our school community. There is no room in our community for someone who does not consider the needs and feelings of others.

Integrity is about being true to yourself. It is about setting yourself a goal to be the sort of person of whom Pennant Hills High School can be proud and more importantly who can be proud of him or herself. You will gain new friendships within our school that you will nurture long after you have left our gates for the last time.

Students are encouraged to make the most of their time at Pennant Hills High School by working hard and participating in the myriad of opportunities that are offered.

Our staff build excellent relationships with students and families many of which return to Penno  after they graduate to reconnect with us.

I hope you enjoy our Open Day Hub. I am confident you will see why Pennant Hills High School is renowned by all its students and the community as delivering Nothing but the Best.

Ross Warren, Principal