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Technological and Applied Studies (TAS)


ENGINEERED SYSTEMS - Year 7 Areas of Assessment

·         Knowledge of Materials, Tools and Processes.     

·         Knowledge and Application of the Design Process.        

·         Application of Practical Skills.

·         CAD Drawings

·         Practical Marks

·         Management Exercise

·         Management and Evaluation of the Design Process.

Year 8 Taster Courses – are taught over an eight week rotation.  

The Digital Technologies taster encourages students to develop an empowered attitude towards digital technologies, use abstractions to represent and decompose real-world problems, and implement and evaluate digital solutions.

Students have the opportunity to become innovative creators of digital technologies in addition to effective users of digital systems and critical consumers of the information they convey.

Students are provided with opportunities to develop fluency in a general-purpose programming language (coding) and use these skills to solve information problems and to automate repetitive tasks.

Students will

·         designs, communicates and evaluates innovative ideas and creative solutions to authentic problems or opportunities

·         plans and manages the production of designed solutions

·         designs algorithms for digital solutions and implements them in a general-purpose programming language